winter wedding

Winter weddings come into play

Everyone loves summer. Weddings full of summer vibes are definitely cheerful and full of colors giving the opportunity to shoot amazing pictures everywhere. But a wedding during the winter deserves also its own glory. Dancing snowflakes, frosted trees, festive evergreens and snowy land are all interwoven with the bride and groom to create white-washed fairytale photos.

More and more brides are choosing to celebrate their wedding day in winter. I find brilliant the idea to get hitched at this beautiful time of year. As a wedding photographer, I can ensure you that your photographs will really make your wedding day look like a winter wonderland.

Fortunately, Greece is a country where you can get the utmost experiences each time of the year. In winter, the further north you are, the higher your chances are to get a dusting of snow on your big day. So, look for venues in Florina (which is transformed to methylated winter Paradise in winter), Kozani, Kastoria, Grevena or even in Ioannina, Metsovo and Zagoria.

Given that the day is not so long in winter, we can start an after wedding photography that bit sooner, which means we can create a magical scene, dress up exterior trees, use candles to light walkways and why not have fireworks to light the snowy land when the night comes?

Let the blanket of snow embrace your white gown and choose winter flowers to embellish the scene. When it comes to indoor decoration, you may hang garlands of greenery or crystals to highlight your cake table, and incorporate plenty of candles, pinecones, and glittery details into the dance floor. Also, you may use velvet or other lush fabrics in your decor. You can even bring the best of the seasonal catering menu — serve creamy soup shooters during the cocktail hour, tasty food during the dinner, and pass out shortbread cookies and spiced cider for your midnight snack. A decked-out coffee bar with extras like whipped cream with dried fruits and hot chocolate shavings will warm everyone up.