Why we love drone photography

We are all aware of what aerial photography is. It seems we’ll never get tired of aerial shooting. It’s darn good. Isn’t it? Drones gave us the opportunity to see the world from above and to shoot metamorphic subjects. A leafless tree transforms into a spider web, a pine forest becomes broccoli, while the houses’ roofs simplify into Monopoli pawns.

We can see airborne imagery is gaining ground in the wedding industry. Seeing a wedding from a bird’s eye perspective sounds magical. It allows us to shoot an open-air ceremony outside the church from an extremely different angle of shooting. The same scenery gains another dimension when is shot from the ground or from hundreds of meters above the landscape. The couple may get a much better understanding of the surroundings and their beloved wedding guests.

We do recommend using drones on your wedding day since those flying machines can capture breathtaking shots and can document your nuptials in a whole new way.

Love Drone Photography 1024x575, Vogdanidis + Sons