wedding poem

Why people love wedding photography?

A picture is worth a thousand words.”

People fall in love with each other and for most of them marriage is a station in their common trip that they wish to cherish for a lifelong.

For that I have seen so far, couples find out many ways to make the Big Day memorable for them, for their family members and their friends.

Your wedding is one of the most memorable days of your life and you need the best experts to organize it for you. As a professional wedding photographer, I am alert to document the weddings in all their glory and not to miss the small details.


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Arrangements, smiles, details, decorations and emotions would be faded out if we won’t capture them to be held. At least, after the wedding, all that is left for the couple is love and photos. Wedding photography is a must the last 30 years and the cost of hiring a wedding photographer is negligible in relation to the total cost of the whole wedding. A wedding album is a treasure to the couple. They safeguard it with utmost care and love. Wedding photos will play the most significant role in the future when the couple will need to revive those unique wedding memories. They are meant to say a story, represent the beginnings of a couple’s new life and every time they look at them, they will become alive in front of their eyes.


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