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Tips to make your wedding day run smoothly

You spend a lot of months planning for your wedding day. When that day comes, you deserve to have at least as much fun as any of your guests. To have your big day smoothly go, we’d like to propose you practical tip pieces from which you can get inspired!

Tip 1. Prepare a handy schedule-timeline to keep your time well organized and under control. Making sure your hair and makeup team is on schedule is the most important way to keep your wedding from starting late.

Tip 2. Let your photographer plan the shooting time. Don’t get anxious if you will be preparing in different locations or if the ceremony is far from the party venue. Should you have an agreement with a professional wedding photographer, it’s up to him to organize his team perfectly (in order to avoid bad surprises, it would be better to discuss a priori with your photographer how he plans to organize his schedule).

Tip 3. It is strongly suggested to have 20 minutes buffer between each stage of the day so that you’ll arrive at the ceremony venue relaxed and fresh. Here is a random guide to schedule your day:


13:00 p.m: Hair and Makeup artists have reached Bride’s place/ Getting ready

14:00 p.m: Photographers and cinematographers arrive at the groom’s place for photos with friends (even jokes), preparation and family.

15:30 p.m: Most vendors arrive

16:00 – 18:00 p.m: Photographers arrive at the bride’s place for shooting preparation, wedding dress, friends and family.

18:30 p.m: Photographers, Groom and guests arrive at the ceremony venue.

19:00 p.m: Bride arrives at ceremony place and wedding starts

20:00 p.m: Ceremony ends

20:00 – 20:30 p.m: Second set of portraits and family photos. Pre-sunset photos would be magnificent.

21:00 p.m: Photographers and guest arrive at the party venue/ Music starts

21:30 p.m: Newlyweds arrive at party venue/ First dance

21:45 p.m: Dinner is served

22:30 p.m: Dancing music starts

Tip 4. Do never overlook the importance of your family-members help. They are the bride’s right-hand throughout the planning process and the “point persons” who will make sure things are running reasonably on time.

Tip 5. Do not have in mind your photographer. The professional wedding photographer team is there to get well-rounded photos and capture all details. Enjoy your day without stress. Do not look at the camera and do not smile forcibly. Your photographers are the key persons to help pave the way to truly enjoying your wedding day. Free yourself!

Tip 6. Whether you dance with your wedding dress or with a party dress, make sure that your shoes are comfortable! You and your husband are the stars of the night! Give the pace and make the dance floor yours!!