The brief story of a storyteller

I’m Andie. I would like to share my story with you. Remember, everyone has a story to tell. I studied in the historic law-school of Athens, one of the most recognizable universities of the world. Years later, i moved in Switzerland and Canada to master the law and taxation with a view to become tax advisor at multinational companies. I get this job that i was proud of. For ten years, i was traveling through the magnificent world of law, taxation and finance, i met a lot of people who took my way of thinking a step further and experienced valuable moments in the tax market.


Since my childhood, i remember my family members to share each-other their memories of the past, their stories (bad and good ones), and their experiences through photography and videos. My grandfather and my father were also photographers, so i think that the presence of cameras in our house was quite normal. Though, what is important to tell is that every picture, every video’s frame, every album was unique, a little treasure for each of us that keeps unfaded the past of what we are today- and maybe- of what we’ll become tomorrow. Not all pictures tell a story. I think that the artistry of storytelling is hiding behind the pictures, but it is also strongly connected with the photographer and the hand that makes the click on camera.


For two years, i was trying to figure out how i could combine my profession as an international tax advisor with documentary photography. I looked back at these last ten years and i realized that for all this time i have been putting all my thoughts, all my creative energy, all my intelligence and not just my time, into trying to be the best tax advisor for my clients. You know, that’s when we talk about freedom and doing what you want, I think it’s important to think of freedom in two ways, both physical freedom, but also mental. Right? I remember myself struggling to figure out what I want to do with my time. So, the answer to my question was that i couldn’t combine the artistry of storytelling with anything else. If i wanted to have the freedom of time to practice the documentary photography, i should also be mentally free.


Yes, mentally free! So, in 2018, i left that world behind to follow my passion; my passion is photography and storytelling. It seems that the photographic gene worked very well, so i believe that my future was pretty predefined. That day, the day that i quit my job, for my husband i was already the best storyteller photographer in the world, and soon i will become the best photographer for many others who will ask me to keep their inheritable documentary of their story alive into time.


Thank you for reading. To be continued…