Tailored Wedding albums

The art of wedding album design

Your wedding album is a canvas of your wedding memories and has to be flawless. Just as there’s an art to capturing the wedding day in a documentary way, there’s an art to assembling your high-end wedding album.


We think your wedding album is an emotional record, that’s why we pick the absolute favorite photos you can’t live without.

Window Pantheon 1, Vogdanidis + Sons

The line that separates a conventional album from an artistic one, is the flow of the images. We relate the pages to one another by content and style. In other words, our purpose is not to put as many images as possible to each spread (or two pages) but to unveil the poetry of your wedding by collecting the most emotional pictures of your day and expose their utmost content; this means that your some spreads may be laid out with one or two pictures. The wedding photos must be overwhelming!!


But the most important is that wedding albums must tell the couple’s story. When we design a wedding album, we imagine that we’re illustrating a book that has no text. We make sure that the most central characters are represented, the gorgeous photos of the couple have been collected and the album presents the wedding day in a photojournalistic style, emphasizing lots of candid shots. Of course, we cannot avoid some formal posed shots too that tone down the artistic element and keep the balance.

Pantheon 1, Vogdanidis + Sons
Weedings Vogdanidis

And don’t forget the details that give the album depth and flair, such as close-ups of bridal gown, groom’s preparation, or flower arrangements.


When it comes to deciding on an album type, there are too many options that can meet everyone’s needs. You can go traditional with a classic matted style album which is generally bound like a book. Traditional albums come in leather or suede that can be very sturdy and tend to endure age.

A modern option could be an album with a wooden crafted cover or a framed one displaying your favorite photo. A plethora of other modern albums come in a range of colors and materials, whilst the cover layout possibilities are endless.

Flat Plex 3, Vogdanidis + Sons
Window Line 1, Vogdanidis + Sons

All albums we create are design-wise artistic, handcrafted, customized to the newlywed’s needs, and technically perfect. But, nothing else could guarantee our success in creating flawless albums rather than co-operating with masters in the field who outstand in the album-making industry.