Pre Wedding Photography in Stockholm, Sweden

Maria & Tasos

Pre- Wedding Photography in Stockholm, Sweden

When we have been requested to travel to Sweden for a pre-wedding and family photo-shooting, we were more than excited! We’ve been the first time there and we really loved that country. The endless green scenery and the diversity of architectural colors attract the attention of anybody. We had decided on the photography plan a month ago, by investing a few hours in wondering about the photo-shooting content and the spot scenes. Our initial plan was to travel to the north and capture the majestic view of “Aurora Australis”; the polar lights. Unfortunately, the weather did not share our plans, so we stayed in Stockholm and visited the famous Grona Lund Amusement Park and the Vasaparken Park, where we contacted the photo-shooting and filming sessions. The result was an amazing and playful cinematic film full of emotions, laugh and joy that the couple will have to remember in the years to come. As per the photography, we would love to share with you a small sample that we hope you enjoy. Maria and Tasos, thank you for inviting us to capture your life in Sweden and guide us to amazing places.