Shooting the wedding dress

An amazing shot of a bride in her gown might be one of the most spectacular images in the spectrum of wedding photos. Though, shooting the wedding dress on its own creates an enduring story, whilst is an authentic add-on for a wedding details.


So, needless to say, you’ll have about a hundred photos of you in your wedding dress. But shooting your dream gown involves an emotional ride that helps savor the memories. So, what exactly a gown photo stands for?


On the Hanger


Snapping a photo of your dress on its hanger before fitting, showcases its silhouette and detailed line. From an emotional perspective, it symbolizes the calm before the chaos and arouses a strong sense of nostalgia.



The Fitting Time


This in between camera captures the gown waiting you to step into it and you both to head down the doorway of your parents’ house. Besides, you’ll forever treasure the memories when your bridesmaids helped your bridal look thrive.



Attention to Details


Elegant buttons, delicate lace or glossy silk, do your wedding dress looks amazing, so a close-up capture spotlights its finer details.



The Back Shot


Sure, the front of the dress most of the times goes with the bride’s smile – though, a 360 degree view always has astonishing details in store.



The free style (des .


One of the last trends in after-wedding photography is the “Spoil-the-Dress” sessions. We’ve seen jumping off cliffs, playing with waves – even parasailing. Brides dare to set their dress on fire to get a dramatic photo. It’s definitely a trend that will makes us say wow!