Secrets to Get Everyone on the Dance Floor at your Wedding

Want your guests to have fun all night long? Check out these tips!

Let the Dj or band control the playlist

Feel free to provide a few important songs to your band or Dj but give them the freedom to read your crowd and opt for songs accordingly. There are some professionals who have a playlist ready for every wedding party. DO NOT GO FOR IT! Ask yourself: Do you care more about a specific playlist that makes you dance? Or do you care more about your guest’s experience? Let your Dj do what he/she was hired to do.


Don’t crush the flow

It goes without saying that breaks in the dancing can crush any momentum. Uncle George is doing the worm across the dance floor, but wait, we now need to play a slideshow or to throw the bouquet. If you really want to get the dance floor going, be flexible and adapt traditions to the pace of your guests.


Start the right time with the right song

The song that calls guests to the dance floor, usually after the first dance or parent dances, is the crucial one. Discuss in advance with the pros what will this song be and make sure that will attract everyone’s need to dance. Also, consider the time of that first dancing song. Most music pros recommend starting the dance music after the meal.


Be a good example

Be the biggest reason why newlyweds lose people on the dance floor is that they just aren’t there. Bride and Groom are the stars of the night and people pay attention to where they are and what they’re doing. Make sure you take wedding photos with your guests and mingle with them during cocktail hour or dinner. Though, you shouldn’t be taken away from the dance floor for too long. Ok! You may take breaks to rest your feet or use the bathroom.


Trick ‘em with a group photo

If you’re worried that guests will be shy about making their move to the dance floor, here’s a secret: Call them for a group photo after having told to your Dj to drop into a fun song that will break the ice. They will probably stay there with their hands up.


Keep slow songs to a minimum

Slow songs could better be chosen during the cocktail or dinner time. When the time comes for the dance, anything more than three slower songs is overkill. Though, Greek Zeimpekiko always attracts the majority of the guests to clap their hands at the person who dances.


A packed wedding dance floor is the ultimate sign of an amazing party. Consider the above tricks to keep your guests out of their seats and dancing. And remember to make sure that your personalities with your Dj mesh.