Questions to a wedding photographer

Your wedding day is like a box gift with an infinite amount of happy memories, and our opportunity (as your wedding photographers) to tell tales for years to come. We create photos that make you go “wow” and when you look back on are ones you want to cherish.

Before you hire a wedding photographer, you need to know if his photographic style works with what you envision for your wedding. Here are some important questions that you have to ask any wedding photographer.

01. How many years of experience you have?

We are not the kind of people who strongly believe that the years of experience make a perfect professional. For us, professionalism is a way of thinking and co-operating with your clients. However, though we’ve experienced for years wedding photography, it is not a title that we acquire due to the timeline. It’s our legacy that has passed on us from our grandfather and father. Since our childhood, we remember ourselves in the darkroom of our grandfather astonishingly observing him while he was retouching manually the wedding pictures of the newlyweds, whilst, a few years later, we commenced acquiring practical experience close to our father as a wedding photographer. Nowadays, we developed our own style and mastered techniques in capturing not only wedding moments but emotions as well.

02. What’s your primary style?

There as so many styles of wedding photography. Each photographer has developed his/her own style of capturing people. We are voting in favor of photojournalism. We are the biggest fans of photojournalistic wedding photography. We think that we have won the battle against time as its goes by in a blink of an eye when we deliver photos that tell a story and they often do so in a single photograph. That is the mark of our photojournalistic style; to capture that single moment in time and give viewers the sense that they’re part of it.

03. What kind of input can we have in the direction of the shots?

During our meeting, you may reveal to us how you have envisioned your wedding photographs. There are no dos and don’ts in your needs. You may also give us a “shot list” if you want us to pay extra attention to detail or on your favorite relative. From our part, we will give you some guidance to help you stay relax and enjoy your Day without having in mind if all people and moments have been captured. Leave that task on us! We will be close to you and on-hand to advise you on how to get the images you want from your wedding day.

04. How many photographers will capture my wedding?

Generally, our team is comprised of two wedding photographers (one for the close-ups and one for the journalistic photos) and of two cinematographers (one for the smooth shots and one for the funky/moving ones). Under certain circumstances, one or two more professionals may join the team. Each wedding is unique with its own requirements; we are ready to meet our clients’ needs. Note that the bigger the team is, the bigger the cinematic result on the photos and films; BUT there is also a point of consideration: The bigger the team is, the better cooperation between the members should exist! Perfect teams are formed by perfect co-workers.

05. How many hours of capturing you offer?

For us, photo-shooting and filming a wedding is like writing a story. We do not count the hours for the end of the “book”. Our fees are not based on an hourly rate. Instead, we will be there, close to you and your beloved ones without being noticed, to capture every feeling, emotion and moment that you will cherish each time you look back on your photos and films. From the preparation of the bride and groom until the best time of the party, our lenses will capture anything you need.

06. What type of equipment you have?

This is the moment when we say “Our equipment worth every penny”! We have invested and continue to invest a little fortune in multiple pro camera bodies (Nikon, Sony), an extensive collection of lenses, flashes, battery packs, lights, tripods, monopods, drones and other peripheral equipment. We know all of them inside and out and we get the best results.

07. How can I have my pictures and films?

We will create a password-protected page on our website, where you may see all the shots. From this portfolio, you will choose which photos you’d like your wedding album to have. In parallel, all photos will be delivered to you on a USB in high analysis and without our logo. Your films will be fully edited and delivered on a wooden USB. We deliver our projects in a gift box.

08. Will I have a wedding album?

Of course! If you opted for an album you will have to choose amongst multiple handmade materials; wood, leather, suede, plexiglass, printed cover with border or frame, etc. As per the colors, our color book will not leave your taste disappointed. Dimensions and paper types are also adapted to your personal style. Our albums are of the highest quality which endure over time. Please visit our website and have a look at our album portfolio.