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We are Achilleas and Andie, brother and sister, filmmaker and photographer.

We founded Vogdanidis + Sons which is not just a creative studio; It’s the alloy of photographic alchemy and filmmaking experience rolled over three generations.

Through “Authentic Storytelling”, we find our signature style that defines us as visual narrators.

Baptism or wedding photos and films are handcrafted with love, tailored to your vision like a figure hugging pencil dress and equally stylish.

Their magnificence and minutiae are determined.

What we adore about documentary coverage, is that it stirs emotions. Our images have a voice; Not only today but in ten years’ time.

We want people to remember and indulge themselves in their special Day. We work passionately behind the scenes whilst our lenses capture the unpredictable.

be pure, be organic, be artistic


With love,

Achilleas – Andie

Baptism Day

“Authentic Storytelling” is our ethos embedded into the visual artworks we create for our valuable customers.

003 004, Vogdanidis + Sons

Baptism Photography

– Full photographic coverage (ceremony, party)

– Password-protected key for access to your online gallery

– Digital album template with preselected photos for any changes you wish

– 600+ edited images without logo

– One handmade printed baptism album 30×30 cm with fully edited photos in 40 pages

– Three handmade printed baptism albums 20×20 cm with fully edited photos (custom photos to its recipient) in 40 pages

– One wooden USB with all high-resolution images and two cinematic films

– One wooden box embellished with the baptism’s logo, containing 20 printed photos 

– One large printed image on rigid aluminum of 40×60 cm

– 20printed photos of 13×18 cm

Baptism Cinema

– Full filming (ceremony, party)

– One fully edited baptism film (approx. 90 min)

– One cinematic film with highlights (approx. 5 min)

– Drone (when permitted)

– Action camera (when needed)

Bird 2, Vogdanidis + Sons

 Investment: 1.200 euros

(plus 150 euros per person in the party for 1,5 hours approx.)

005 006, Vogdanidis + Sons
003 004 1, Vogdanidis + Sons
007 008, Vogdanidis + Sons
001 002 1, Vogdanidis + Sons

The Day Before the Baptism

for those who want to remember the welcome party before the baptism celebration, the jokes with friends, the smiles, the dinner, even the moments with family

A Day Before plus Wish book

– Full photographic coverage a day before the baptism

– 300+ edited images without logo

– Wish Book with 15 pages

Bird 2, Vogdanidis + Sons

Investment: 300 euros

001 002 2 1024x682, Vogdanidis + Sons
My Baptism.00 01 56 41.Still003 1024x576, Vogdanidis + Sons

After Baptism

Creating a visual storyline is a legacy for generations to come

001 002 6 1024x685, Vogdanidis + Sons

After Baptism

– One photographer

– One filmmaker

– 250+ fully edited images of high resolution

– Filming scenes are included in the baptism films

– Selected images are included in the printed albums

Bird 2, Vogdanidis + Sons

Investment: 300 euros

001 002 4 1024x689, Vogdanidis + Sons
003 004 4 1024x687, Vogdanidis + Sons
007 008 2 1024x691, Vogdanidis + Sons

A la carte

you may customize baptism coverage based on your needs

001 002 8 1024x691, Vogdanidis + Sons

A la carte 

– One extra photographer or filmmaker: 250 euros per day

– Extra coverage at the baptism party commencing after 1,5  hours of presence: 80 euros per hour, per person

– One extra handmade printed album 30×30 cm: 250 euros

– One extra handmade printed album 20×20 cm: 150 euros

– Extra page on the printed album 30×30: 17,5 euros

– Extra page on the printed album 20×20: 7,5 euros

– Albums’ covers other than (3 stars), i.e. a) a fully-printed cover and b) a cover with middle plexiglass with a photo: from 50 euros to 130 euros

– VAT not included

– Travel cost and accommodation not included (applicable to regions other than Attica)

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Bird 2, Vogdanidis + Sons

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