How to plan the perfect honeymoon

When you have morphed into a Pinterest-curated vacation guide, and the fear of being squeezed in the beach haunts you in your sleep, just envision the light – sunlight, actually – at the end of the tunnel, enveloping your body in a warm cocoon of honeymoon bliss. Spoil yourself with an exotic massage? Indulge in a bowl of strawberries with cream right after meal? Go for it!

When the marriage is a symbol of common dreams, then the honeymoon is the celebration of it. This isn’t just any vacation – it is the vacation. But an epic getaway requires meticulous planning. Here, a step-by-step roadmap to guarantee painless honeymoon vacations.

Set your budget

First thing’s first. Decide on your investment and then look at appropriate destinations. If you do it the other way round, it might end up in either over expenditure or medium solutions. When you set your financials make sure you have included air tickets, boat tickets, transportation cost along with hotel price and food & beverages expenses.  

Start your research

Before you begin fantasizing about a beachfront bungalow in Hawaii, remember that the borderline that separates your “relaxing” and “boring” isn’t always immediately clear. We would propose you go for well-rounded research using different sources of information. Starting with a Google search is perfectly fine, but don’t rely only on search engines Go a step further and consider using a travel agent specializing in honeymoons’ planning, or even talk to friends and family who have been there. Try to acquire different opinions, from TripAdvisor reviews and Instagram pics to friend testimonials. Balance adventure with relaxation – whether this means pony trekking through the rain forest or skydiving in Dubai.

Be an early bird

The sooner your settle on the destination the better and easier the planning will be. Try to choose a locale that pushes your comfort zones. Be as open-minded as possible. Though, don’t underestimate the time you have at your disposal for the research. Experts advise booking your honeymoon is six to eight months out, both from the availability of rooms and financial perspective.

Plan or… Plan

If you have decided on a destination that involves multiple destinations or activities, save yourself the headache and let the professionals handle the logistics. Though, if you want to be the planner of your dream trip, you need to have a combined approach. Before finalizing your itinerary and arranging activities, select a hotel (or hotels if you are moving). Look into what type of place you’d like to stay: Are you a fan of bigger, mainstream bands like the Hilton and Four Seasons, or would you prefer something more bespoke like a beachside bungalow? We also recommend asking what type of perks the properties offer honeymooners, which range from standard amenities-champagne and treats on arrival-to room upgrades and private piscine. Ask your accommodators or locals about the activities you can experience, the restaurants that offer real delights to the palate with miraculous tastes, and of course shopping options.

Let the faith guide you

Planning is good! But let the honeymoon surprises you as well. Immerse yourself in the culture of the region while you’re spoiling yourself. Live the ultimate experience and enjoy the pleasure of the unexpected.

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