bridal portrait

How to Look Perfect at your Wedding Photos

You’ll be astonishingly perfect! We’ve seen a lot of brides, each one in her own glory! Your wedding photos will be the key to remember this epic Day. Brides and grooms already have enough to think about on their wedding day – the last thing they want to is to add the posing to the mix! 

As a wedding photographer, we believe that the trick to posing for perfection is to barely pose at all! The technology we use nowadays allows us to take more images, which means that we can encapsulate all your authentic moments in a documentary way. The most beautiful shots aren’t forced. Thought, mastering how to make the camera loves you, will allow you to pose less and enjoy more the photography presence. We have summarized these camera strategies so you can ace your future album and concentrate on celebrating.

Tips for Posing Naturally

Smile with your eyes:

One of the most frequent issues that you must avoid is to end a candid moment too soon. We tell our couples if they are inclined to move in a natural way, not to stop. Most of the time, we have couples smiling and laughing perfectly, and then they remember we are there and stop to make sure they are posing perfectly. Please, just keep going! If something goes wrong, we should tell you. One tip that we always tell our brides is to forget the cameras. Focus on your significant other and be in the moment! Authentic and genuine pics will unveil your deepest emotions! All you need to do is to smile, laugh and stay relaxed. Don’t be so stressed out about everything that’s going to happen that day because it will show on your face. People always look the most photogenic when they are relaxed. As simple as it sounds, a smile can really make a picture. 

Practice model’s poses: Another issue that comes up all the time is the “arms issue”. Frequently, brides and grooms ask us “where should I put my arms?”, “how should I hold the bouquet?”. It may sound funny, but practice makes perfect, even when it comes to your body position. Angle your body to the camera that you’re not getting shot straight on, and for candid photos, it’s always helpful to look slightly away from the camera. As regards the brides, you may create a small separation between your body and your arms since this gap defines your waistline and makes your torso appear slimmer. When it comes to grooms, take a natural position and avoid press your arms against your body. Tip: Don’t overdo it with practice.

Hold your bouquet in the right way: You don’t want to look like you’re hiding behind your bouquet or posing like ‘40s. Instead, keep your forearm at a 45-degree angle to make your body look long and lean. Remember also to play with your bouquet; flowers are made for brides! The trick is to keep the arms relaxed and elongated to make them look more flattering.

Tips for Avoiding Pose Mistakes

The most frequent pose mistake is to act unnaturally. As a wedding photographer and cinematographer, we tell couples to pretend we’re not there. That may sound easier than done. So, here are some tips that may help couples to avoid stiff posing.

  • Close-eyed kissing: When something comes unnaturally, tends to be more posed. Kissing with open eyes is not natural but couples adopt this style at weddings because they have hundreds of other things in their mind and they barely concentrate on the kiss. The photographer will remind you to live the moment with your beloved one.
  • Slow it down: Frequently, the result of a full day is to make forced movements. In general, we advise our couples to move slowly and keep in mind that the wedding day is not a race. Walking photos, dancing images, or even interacting moments tend to be more camera-friendly when they are not in rush.
  • Speak what you think: If you have insecurities, or you have a side you prefer, share your thoughts with your photographer beforehand. The most important part when we interact with our couples is to be frank with each other. Disclosing your preferences will help your photographer to be more successful with the final product you dreamed of.