We do our best for creating artworks that may cover our customers’ needs. We document valuable moments from the groom’s and bride’s getting ready up to encore sessions.

You may simply choose the kind of artwork that is entirely to your taste.

groom getting ready

The pictures of groom getting ready are indeed those that make you cry laughing. Elegant photos of the cufflinks and bow-tie could not be missing. Also, pictures from groom’s shaving and friends’ jokes will add your wedding portfolio the funky element and make the difference. We will need around 1 hour to capture all these details and emotions along with groom’s portraits in his gorgeous suit that will remind you that “he is the One”.

bride getting ready

We capture the reactions of friends and family seeing you in your dress for the very first time. These pictures will evoke fantastic memories from that day. If you have space, hang your dress somewhere nice before you are ready to put it on. That way we can get shots of you getting ready with the dress in the background. This really tells the story and gives context to the photos. Please allow us 2 hours for taking pictures of your make-up, and hair preparation along with some beautiful portraits and candid photos with your friends and family.

first look

We arrive at the ceremony location before you. We capture the groom’s arrival and his moments with friends and family some minutes before seeing you in your gown. Our lenses are waiting for you as you will walk down the aisle towards your future husband. The magnificence of the first look picture reveals that beautifully authentic moment when a groom first lays eyes on his bride. Your arrival and the first look are captured also by drones that give to your films the ultimate cinematic touch.


Inside church, our pictures and films have not much in common with the traditional posed ones. We are always inspired by the beautiful architecture, stained-glass art and the solemnity of having a religious ceremony. We pay attention to details and capture not only such unique moments but also the feelings of your beloved ones seeing you getting married with the person of your dreams. When your ceremony takes place outdoor, the natural light will enhance the beauty and elegance of every detail. Finally, standout photos of rice and petals tossing would make you wow!

venue party

If your party starts a bit later, this allows some extra time for pictures just after the ceremony. At the party venue we will be waiting you for capturing your grand entrance whilst your films will be covered by your favorite soundtrack. Get the party started and our flashes will dance at your pace!

custom album & design

With each wedding package we hand-craft albums of high-quality and elegance. The most spectacular photos from your wedding will be artistically presented in a gorgeous 30 x 80 cm (or 30 x 60 cm) handmade album embellished with the material and design of your choice. Medium and small sized albums of same quality and aesthetic may also be delivered to your beloved ones. Organic materials such as fabric, glass, wood, and eco-friendly leather, as well as multiple designs such as frames, full-cover images, borders and engravings may dress your wedding album in the most magnificent way. Our albums are artistic, durable and environment friendly. They will protect and preserve your treasured memories.

wooden USB

We give your digital files a natural touch. Your wedding films are stored in the heart of a wooden USB that will keep them safe the years to come. The wooden USB is delivered along with its custom box that is embellished with the same design you have chosen for your albums.


Photographers are capable of turning an experience into a tangible form of art. Should you wish to cherish a fine-art wedding images gallery, we may have together this artistic brainstorming.You can pick the style you love. An interesting collection of artistic ideas would rise your most authentic wishes.


A wedding day is a torrent of emotional moments. We create an image cartography that will stimulate such emotions in the years to come. Our photographs are organic, they hold truth and meaning and hope and promise. They tell your wedding story.

Our albums are handmade whilst we use premium materials, such as wood, glass, organic leather, fabrics and plexiglass. The combination of colors and graphic elements is endless. Let’s create together the album that you would love.

Albbb, Vogdanidis + Sons

engagement session

We capture the love and the excitement during this special time! Your photos and films will reveal the joy you feel before your wedding. The engagement photography and cinematography, – also known as pre-wedding – is the ideal way to showcase your love-story from the early beginning. You’ll both wear casual clothes for a more relaxed feel. As per your films, we will pick the most emotional moments of your engagement session and interweave them with the wedding and after-wedding ones in a romantic movie-like film!

after-wedding session

Weddings and movies have much in common. Like films and books deliver a narrative with a beginning, middle, some tears, some cheers and an ending, after-wedding sessions come to tell the story of bride and groom in the most cinematic way. After-wedding sessions allow you to live in the moment. During this session you will feel free, authentic and pure. We will create together a creative and epic storytelling that you will cherish the years to come.

emotional photographs

A wedding day is a torrent of emotional moments. We create an image cartography that will stimulate such emotions in the years to come. Our photographs are organic, they hold truth and meaning and hope and promise. They tell your wedding story.

moving images

Cinemagraph is a fine-art creation of a still photo with subtle motion. This moving image makes an excellent vehicle to tell a story. In our website you can enjoy a voyage into the magnificent land of cinemagraphs.

cinematic films

We create inspirational wedding films that show emotions in the most passionate way. We hand-pick special moments from your full wedding day, and put them together in two cinematic films of approx. 90 and 5 minutes each.


It’s a hyper-realistic compression of time into a slow motion. We use this technique for capturing a very long scene full of details that is apparently still but when you see it in some seconds its appears to move. In weddings, it feels like time has stopped as everything around are changing.

aerial shots

What else could be more magnificent than a wedding ceremony from a bird’s eye view? We take drone to new heights -literally- that allow us to experience photos and films from awe-inspiring perspectives.

underwater imagery

For those who dive deeply as they do love, the underwater wedding photos and films look so dreamy. The iridescence and serenity of the water create artworks that are stunningly elegant. The simple deep blue background and the intense beauty of the sea set the perfect setting to capture strong emotions of love.

turnaround time

Photos are available for viewing approximately 1 to 2 weeks after the wedding. We upload the photos on a passcode protected data base of our website, where you may have access and select the photos you wish to have in your album. We may also select your album photos and provide you with a draft design for your approval. When you are happy with the final version of your album, please allow us 4 weeks to deliver the printed album version and your wedding films.

digital files

The number of images shot at your wedding is based on the amount of hours and kind of activities. As a guideline you can expect approx. 1.300 images, including the after-wedding session. It is quality rather than quantity that matters. These images are delivered to you in a wooden USB stick. In general, your album will include approx. 130 photos meticulously edited. The rest of the images may be delivered in .jpeg format at 300 dpi (high resolution).


RAW files are not available for purchase and remain property of the studio. Reprint permission is included with your purchase. We retain the copyright of all images. Many print, online magazines and our website may use our images within their publications. We may also post a few images on our social media, so be sure to have your friends and family subscribed. If for any reason you do not wish to have your photos published, just let us know and we will honor that request.


We accept checks, money orders and major credit cards. A non-refundable retainer fee is required to reserve your date. The remaining balance is due in 3 installments upon our presense at your wedding, the upload of your digital files on the password-protected database and the final delivery of the project. We do NOT charge extra fees for our presence at the party venue.

we are ready to book our wedding, what is the next step?

If you wish us to capture your wedding day, you will need to fill out a contract and pay a retainer fee to hold your date. We can meet in person for this or we can send you the documents via e-mail.

how many photos will be in our album?

The number of images in your album depends on the number of pages you wish to have. We propose you to have more or less 30 pages in your wedding album. We recommend not having more than 4-5 images per page, in order for your album to bear a minimal design. If you have more than 6 images per page, the photos will have to be smaller and the layout may begin to appear cluttered.

is it necessary to meet in person before the wedding?

While it is great if we can meet in person prior to your wedding, if you are planning a wedding in another town or country, don’t worry. We can discuss details on the phone, e-mail, or via Skype. When you arrive in town we can meet up to go over any last-minute details.

how soon in advance should we book our date?

Most brides book approximately 9-12 months in advance. If you want to guarantee that we are available on your wedding date, we would recommend signing up at your earliest convenience.

do you charge extra for travel?

Travel within a 60 km radius of our studio is included. If your wedding or engagement session takes place outside of that range additional fees of travel cost and accommodation may be added upon discussion.

may we change our à-la-carte menu after booking?

Yes, after booking you may add additional items to your purchase list. Should you wish for example to add extra albums, we can provide you a separate fee quote.