Cinematography vs. Videography – Tell the difference when capturing weddings

Cinematography and Videography are two different methods of film editing. Though, Cinematography is also an art!

We are often get asked by our clients, “What’s the difference between videography and cinematography?” It’s very good question and gives us the opportunity to point the thin line between the two. When you are watching a home video of a scholar ceremony or a traditional dance performance versus a movie, you can notice the differences. The shooting technique, the image quality, the edit and the storytelling are all different.

We believe that videographers capture the moments in time from beginning to end. Videography is not creative and does not require different angles or pretty much motion from the cameraman. When it comes to editing, it has very little to no dramatic viewpoints, and it has a very little cut out of the final DVD. To clarify, we don’t think that videography is bad. There are people who like this sort of films and enjoy watching in broad angle all details and moments of their weddings. Of course, there is a place for videography in the wedding industry.

Though, we think that the husband-wife duo should be educated on the difference, in order to be able to choose between the two.

Cinematography is an art. It interweaves shooting creativity with storytelling. Cinematographers are moving around to capture those different angles and perspectives, they are always alert to record the unpredictable. The weeding trailers you see on our website, blog and media are all shot with a cinematic style. When we shoot cinematically, we are not recording the entire event. However, there are some parts (church ceremony, speeches, first dance etc.) where we will capture the entire moment. The non-continuous shooting technique allow us to get those unique shots that make your wedding film interesting to watch. For this purpose, we use digital file-based DSLR cameras with interchangeable lenses for cinematic capturing and 4K digital cameras of the highest quality that can get some amazing depth of field shots. Hence, our videographers and cinematographers are working together. When it comes to editing your wedding films, we blend those unreproducible moments with your favorite soundbites and we choose custom titles to make your seamless storyline of your Big Day seem like a movie.

Our studio uses all those tools to make a wedding film almost feel and look like a cinema movie. To name only a few: 4K camcorders (such as Sony), DSLR (such as Nikon D850) and mirrorless cameras (Nikon Z Series), Gopro cameras, camera cranes, camera stabilizer (such as the DJI Ronin S), time-lapse equipment (such as Syrp), drones (such as DJI Phantom 3 Professional and Mavic Pro), lighting kits, wireless audio equipment and professional editing.

Depending on what package you choose, your cinematic wedding films can be about 25 and 5 minutes in length. In addition, if you opt to, you may receive your wedding film of 2 to 3 hours full edited, though this one will not have the aforementioned cinematic characteristics. Each wedding is unique and each couple imagines in a different way their wedding films. So, it’s good to grab a coffee and talk about the vision you have for your wedding film.

Our vision is to create inspirational wedding films that tell the story of the couple in the most cinematic way. A wedding film doesn’t have to be long and unexciting. It can be full of emotions, interesting, unpredictable, romantic and movielike. We will deliver you a masterpiece where you will be the star of your own fairytale.

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