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Candid or posed wedding photography?

How posed wedding photography has been borne? Why do people look so serious in old photos?


The first photographs were taken in the late 1820s, and it took until the 1920s and ‘30s for smiles to start becoming the standard expression in photographs. So, why so serious in the images? One explanation for the lack of smiles in the 19th century photographs is that because it took so long to capture a photograph, so people in pictures couldn’t hold a smile for long enough. There are also a number of explanations of that unsmiling style (such as the lack of teeth!). You may read more on that issue at


Firstly, let me be frank with you. There is nothing wrong with the posed wedding images. One picture paints a thousand words anyway. As a storyteller photographer doesn’t mean that I won’t capture formal shots such as wedding decoration, or photos with family members. But, I feel like there is something special in spontaneous, candid wedding photography.


So, I vote for candid wedding photography. The prime tip for capturing spontaneous moments is to be always aware for catching people unaware; like they are entirely oblivious to the flashing camera. What I love in candid images is that they are relaxed and documentary. At a blink of an eye, I’ll capture you at the moment’s peak: at your happiest, your most emotionally charged, your giggliest, most sincere, your most passionate.


Well, quite simply, I want people who choose me to capture their weddings to remember that special day, not remember the time spent with the photographer neither force them to smile at my camera. It’s my passion and my way of genuinely telling the story of the couple’s wedding.


Want to be unnoticeable, invisible and click on the camera’s button when people do not expect it. Candid photography is indeed a marvelous way to immortalize emotions perfectly. Viva la sincerità on images!