wedding stress

Bride vs. Wedding Planning Stress 1-0

Every fighter needs a reason to win the fight! The bride’s reason is that YOUR WEDDING IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE HAPPIEST TIME OF YOUR LIFE! Don’t let anything ruin it!

Here are some of the challenges, and antidotes, for brides-to-be:

Planning is like working a second job

You have to find the time to manage vendors, family anxieties and demands along with an array of tricky wedding unwelcome surprises. Multiple things have to be arranged and organized whilst the administrative procedure to collect and file all these documents seems like a paper mountain.

Wedding Goddess Antidote: First thing first. After getting the marriage authorization from your local authorities, go and buy a beautiful pink, floral, colorful (or whatever you like) organizer! It will be your personal assistant for the next months. Write down the tasks that need to be done in a table format, note at what stage your actions have been completed and highlight the contact details of your vendors. Self-nurturing and time to chill out must be included in your schedule. When you feel stress building, take time out, go for a walk, get a massage, go for a manicure and do something un-wedding.

Bomb of unsolicited advice

You may be showered with congratulations, but you are simultaneously bombarded with pointless advice or negative vibes from well-meaning friends and relatives who are too lost in their own experience to realize that they are imposing on you.

Wedding Goddess Antidote: The issues are classic- people tend to see your wedding as a chance to fulfill their own needs. A Bride has to crystalize her wants and stay centered on her plan. Of course, advice needs to be taken into account, but only when they are of added value. Wedding is for guests, but marriage is for you two. You have to live it as YOU have dreamed it.

Doubting the Gown

The moment you found the “one”, you start to think “Is this really the one? That’s not unnatural, don’t’ worry at all. If you fell in love with your wedding dress, trust your gut and stay away from thousands of options.

Who’s important enough to be in your bridal party?

It’s not a piece of cake to decide how will join your party. Relatives you haven’t seen since your childhood, friends of your parents who you don’t know, or your neighbors who live 10 blocks away from your house may have a good party time with you. Think with your other half how “big” your wedding want to be! People will understand and don’t blame you for not having invited them. It’s your Day, and you will decide how you want to spend it! Think out of the box…

On the other hand… if you do not want to face all the issues of wedding preparation, you may opt for a Wedding Planner. This person will become the key to having everything organized as per your wishes.